Event Testimonials:

“The event was definitely useful for me and I enjoyed it very much. It gave me what I was looking for. (I especially enjoy) the opportunity to network and listen to presentations of so many different people from different companies and get insights into their approaches. Especially the talks touching on the new FDA guidelines and the statistical evaluation. I just hope I will be able to attend in the future too.”

Scientist, Analytical Sciences & Operations, Teva

“I found it to be a very interesting, well run and attended meeting. I most enjoyed the case studies, but I also liked the poster sessions and being able to talk with the other speakers one on one. I also met some old colleagues that I hadn’t seen in many years.

Associate Director, ImmunGen

“The best part of this conference is the ability to interact with various researchers in industry, government and academia. It helps me to see how my research fits into the big picture, identify new areas of interest, find collaborators and learn about new technologies available for bioanalytical work.”

Sr. Principal Scientist, Head, Immunology Section, NCI

About the Training Seminars:

“Speaker’s enthusiasm and passion towards the subject was admirable! (The topics) covered int eh training was extremely informative.”

“Excellent course!”

“Still soaking in all the material!”

“Excellent overview – thanks!”

About the Short Courses:

“Extensive coverage, excellent!”

“Thank you for today’s presentation. Especially HMWS 5% information is really fruitful!”

“A general overview of particles assessment method, the aggregation mechanism part was very interesting!”

About the Roundtable Discussions:

“Lots of good discussion, and the facilitator did a good job keeping people engaged.”

“Well led by Daisy Sun. It was very useful to learn how other companies are adopting and implementing DOE”