New Virtual Format. Same Great Content - In A Day

As the coronavirus continue to disrupt the lifestyle we’ve been used to, now more than ever, we need to rise to the challenge and continue to work on the things we believe in, and show that humanity will once again unite to combat the common enemy. 

As we enter this new era, we are finding new ways to connect scientists and continue the important work of developing medicines to meet unmet medical needs. 

Knowing time is of an essence in these pandemic times, we are bringing you a 1-day Virtual Summit featuring the “Best of” Biotherapeutics Analytical Summit – 4 mini-sessions comprising of the 4 main themes at our in-person event:

  • Developability & Data Integrity
  • Impurities & Degradants
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies & Applications
  • Characterizing Novel & Complex Modalities

Join your peers at this 1-Day Virtual Summit where biotherapeutics analytical scientists share insights and experiences, and help turn the gears of innovation to speed development.