2020 POSTER PRESENTATIONS coming in September




Presenting Monday – Thursday

Agilent Technologies

1.         Efficient and Reliable Characterization of Protein Therapeutic Size Variants by Size Exclusion Chromatography; Presented by Veronica Q.

Avacta Life Sciences

2.         Affimer Anti-Idiotypic Binders: Critical Reagents for Clinical Ligand Binding Assays; Presented by Fran M.

GE Healthcare

3.         Determination of Adenovirus Concentration Using Biacore™ T200; Presented by Paul B.

GE Healthcare

4.         SPR-Based Surrogate Potency Assays with Streamlined PLA and EC50 Analysis Facilitates Comparability Studies; Presented by Paul B.

GE Healthcare

5.         Size Separation of Peptides and Small Biomolecules Under Native Conditions; Presented by Paul B.

Genedata, Inc.

6.         Employing Multi-Attribute Method (MAM) for Automated Quality Monitoring of Biotherapeutics; Presented by John M.

Genedata, Inc.

7.         An Automated Approach for Comprehensive Characterization and Quantification of Low-Abundance Sequence Variants in a Standard Monoclonal Antibody; Presented by Joe S.


8.         Assessment of Humanized Monoclonal Antibody Product Quality In Vivo; Presented by Shugui C.

Ion Dx

9.         Determination of Biotherapeutic HOS and Thermal Stability Using Ion Mobility; Presented by W. Henry B.

Janssen R&D, LLC

10.       Use of Head-to-Head Degradation Rate Studies for Analytical Comparability Assessments; Presented by Yonghui W.

KBI Biopharma, Inc.

11.       Development of Analytical Methods for Unique Biopharmaceuticals; Presented by Helena V.

National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

12.       Challenges Post-Dilution of Antibodies in IV Fluid: Mitigation of Phase Separation and Particle Formation; Presented by Marianna F.

Phenomenex, Inc.

13.       Analytical Comparison of Infliximab and Related Biosimilars; Presented by Chad E.

Promega Corporation

14.       Improved Peptide Mapping of Therapeutic Antibodies Using a Multi-Enzyme Approach; Presented by Chris H.

ProZyme, Inc.

15.       An Intact Protein Approach to Exoglycosidase Sequencing Followed by Released N-Glycan Analysis from Biotherapeutic Glycoproteins; Presented by John Y.

RedShift BioAnalytics, Inc.

16.       HOS Study for IgG Samples Spiked with Different Amount of BSA by MMS; Presented by Jeffrey Z.


17.       Repeatability of C100HT Biologics Analyzer, a High Throughput Glycan Screening; Presented by Sally B.


18.       Identification and Absolute Quantification of Individual Host Cell Proteins by SWATH® LC-MS; Presented by Melanie J.


19.       Fast Glycan Sequencing Using a Fully Automated Carbohydrate Sequencer; Presented by Robert S.


20.       Characterization and Monitoring of Post Translational Modifications Using Dedicated MAM Software; Presented by Yi Z.

Seattle Genetics

21.       Statistical Analysis of Particle Formation Using Dynamic Light Scattering During Purification Process Development; Presented by Ken D.

Waters Corporation

22.       Meeting the Challenges of Implementing Accurate-Mass Mass Spectrometry for Biotherapeutic Development in Regulated/Non-Regulated Environments; Presented by Xiao D.

Waters Corporation

23.       Method Development of Ionic-Strength Gradient Cation Exchange Chromatography for Monoclonal Antibody Charge Variant Analysis; Presented by Hua Y.

Labcyte, Inc.

24.       Host Cell Residual DNA Testing in Reduced Volume qPCR Reactions Using Acoustic Liquid Handling; Presented by John L.

Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems, Inc.

25.       Complete Automation of Peptide Mapping Based Mass Spectrometry Using SizeX on Hamilton Microlab STAR; Presented by Andrew L.

Northeastern University

26.       Analytical Artifacts of Protein Pharmaceuticals; Presented by Sunny Z.