Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 6th Annual
Biotherapeutics Analytical Summit
Part One: Analytical Methodology and PTMs
Advances with Analytical Methods and Post-Translational Modifications

March 9-10, 2015 | Hyatt Regency | Harbor Court | Baltimore, MD

The first part of this conference focuses on Advances with Analytical Methods. In response to research with leaders in the field and potential attendees, it will cover descriptions of advanced technologies together with means of interpreting results, and include preparation of samples, measures to increase the speed of analytics and increase automation, advances with precision, and the software used.

This leads onto applications of advanced technologies, particularly regarding Post Translational Modifications. We will present case studies on challenging PTM characterization, how new variants are handled, and applications of PTM studies, for example for candidate selection, for early stage IND and for late stage BLA.

I am looking for case studies on the following and similar topics: 


  • New Developments with Technology and Evaluation
    For example: mass spectrometry, hydrogen-deuterium exchange, ion mobility, UPLC
  • Challenging Applications of Analytical Technology
    For example: in a crude sample preparation; In-source fragmentation; application of QBD initiatives
  • Analytical Characterization Strategies from Discovery to Clinical Development
    For example: for release testing; filing; and experiences with working with the regulatory authorities


  • Challenging Case Studies on Identification and Characterization of PTMs
    For example: when present in tiny amounts; identification of new and unexpected PTMs; impact on higher order structure and aggregation
  • Case Studies on Handling New Variants: Characterization, Impact and Strategy 
  • Characterization and Evaluation of PTMs and Critical Quality Attributes in Biotherapeutics for Early Stage IND and Late Stage BLA 
  • Tools to Examine the Driving Forces behind PTM Hot Spots to Help with Candidate Selection 
  • Mass Spec Characterization of Glycosylation Linkages in Biotherapeutics for Quality Control And Assurance 
  • Linking PTMs with Product Quality, Function, Safety, Efficacy, Etc. 

Proposed Short Courses
 Host Cell Proteins: Identification and Control
 Characterization and Impact of Aggregates and SVPs
 Glycobiology of Antibodies

Please click here to submit a speaking proposal for review.

Deadline for submission: September 5, 2014 

All proposals are subject to review by the Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure the overall quality of the conference program. Please note that due to limited speaking slots, preference will be given to abstracts from those within pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, regulators and those from academic centers. Additionally, as per CHI policy, a select number of vendors/consultants who provide products and services to these biopharmaceutical companies are offered opportunities for podium presentation slots based on a variety of Corporate Sponsorships. 

For questions about the meeting, please contact:
Nicole Lyscom, Ph.D.
Conference Director
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Phone: +44 7791 866489

For partnering & sponsorship information, please contact:
Jon Stroup
Manager, Sponsorship & Exhibits
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Phone: 781-972-5483

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