Developability and Candidate Selection

The notion of “kill fast, kill early” has been a motto of the pharmaceutical companies for many years, and today, this same notion is becoming center-stage action for many biopharm companies looking to select the right biologic to move forward, decrease attrition rate in late-stage development and consequently bring down costs and timelines.

The Developability and Candidate Selection conference will look at characterization and profiling techniques to determine feasibility of clones and potential leads, evaluation of the physicochemical properties, analysis of the aggregation and immunogenicity risks, and engineering of the candidates for manufacturability, particularly of the new and emerging biomolecules.

We invite analytical and discovery scientists working on developability, molecular assessment, profiling, candidate selection, early stage R&D, analytical method development, process development, pre-formulation and PKPD to share your investigations and results, and showcase the tools, techniques and approaches that have successfully helped you move the right molecule forward.

We are currently inviting presentation proposals on the following preliminary topics: 

  • Using Developability Assessment to Guide Candidate Selection
  • Analytical Strategies for Clone Feasibility/Developability
  • Analytical Methods for Developability and Manufacturability Assessment
    • Evaluation of expression levels, scalability, pH levels, aggregation, formulation, stability, solubility etc.
    • Determining selection criteria and acceptable levels of expression and aggregation
  • Computational Modeling and HT Methods for Developability Prediction
    • High throughput characterization methods
    • Computational and in silico methods for aggregate risk prediction
  • Engineering for Optimization in
    • Affinity, Specificity, Potency, Stability
    • Half-life extension
    • Resistance to aggregation/immunogenicity
    • Control of glycosylation
    • Rational sequence optimization and resolving sequence liability
    • Reducing heterogeneity
  • Risk Analysis – PKPD, Toxicity, Aggregation Prediction and Immunogenicity Profiling
  • Developability for Bioconjugates, Bispecifics and Other Novel and Emerging Formats

Please click here to submit a speaking proposal for review.

Deadline for submission: August 7, 2015 

All proposals are subject to review by the Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure the overall quality of the conference program. Please note that due to limited speaking slots, preference will be given to abstracts from those within pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, regulators and those from academic centers. Additionally, as per CHI policy, a select number of vendors/consultants who provide products and services to these biopharmaceutical companies are offered opportunities for podium presentation slots based on a variety of Corporate Sponsorships. 

For questions about the meeting, please contact:
Mimi Langley
Sr. Conference Director
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Phone: 816-472-0701

For partnering & sponsorship information, please contact:
Jon Stroup
Sr. Business Development Manager
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Phone: 781-972-5483